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Gloss Sealer is a clear solvent based sealer that enhances and protects the appearance of all surfaces with a wet-look gloss finish. The Gloss Sealer forms a transparent water repellent barrier, reducing moisture and penetrating the material, inhibiting the growth of fungi and weeds. This protective coating is hard-wearing in high traffic areas and is perfect for home entertaining areas, driveways or workshop floors.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhances the colour of pavers by creating an enduring “wet look”, enabling paving to retain its new appearance for years rather than months, as well as masking efflorescence bloom and preventing dusting.
  • The reduction in surface moisture reduces the likelihood of moss, weed, fungus and mildew growth.
  • Resists staining by spilled materials such as sump oils, fats, food, tyre marks, chewing gum etc. which enables easier cleaning and maintenance of coated areas.
  • Water runs off rather than soaking into the coated surface.
  • Produces a hard-wearing finish.
  • Penetrates below the surface giving protection in depth, and increases
    the life of the treated surface.
  • is clear and does not yellow in sunlight.
  • locks in the jointing sand in brick paving.


Recommended for:

  • Pavers – clay, concrete and reconstituted limestone (wet cast)
  • Reconstituted limestone blocks and feature walls
  • Natural limestone blocks and feature walls
  • Concrete floors, including exposed and honed aggregate surfaces
  • Pool headers and surrounds and water features (recommend re-sealing
    every twelve months)
  • Cladding (Stone and Slate)
  • All surfaces as specified above that are prone to Graffiti Tagging



  • All surfaces and affected areas must be clean from dust,loose material and mortar spills.
  • Thoroughly hose down all affected areas.
  • Broom-in a chemical mix (generally acid etching)to affected areas, particularly stained, dirty or moss covered surfaces.
  • High pressure clean all affected areas. Repeat chemical mix on affected areas that are still marked if needed. Make sure to
    pressure clean it off immediately.
  • Allow no traffic on cleaned areas prior to sealing application.
  • Before applying Sealer, the affected areas must be
    completely dry.
  • Stir tin thoroughly before use. Apply two (2) coats of Pure
    Coat Sealer by roller or airless spray gun. Second coat to be applied as soon as first coat is dry. Depending on weather conditions, Sealer will dry underfoot within 1-3 hours. Heavy traffic areas (eg. Driveway/Carport) require up to three days drying time.
  • Clean brushes, rollers and airless spray guns with Cleaner.

A coverage rate of approximately 5-8m2 per litre on a smooth surface, however the porosity and texture of the surface and method of application may vary the coverage rate.
Any work carried out by persons other than Applicators cannot be guaranteed by .

To achieve a non slip surface, apply Highly Slip Resistant Sealer. Avoid use near naked flames or other sources of ignition. Ensure good ventilation during application of the product.


Download Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS for solvent-based productsGloss Pavement Sealer

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