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Who can DIY with ?

The versatility of the product range and the easy step by step application guides make DIY with an option for everyone.


Easy Steps To DIY


Equipment required:

  • High pressure cleaner (hire from your nearest hire company).
  • Hard bristled broom
  • Watering can
  • Blower
  • Roller frame/sleeves/rolling pole
  • Paint tray
  • Paint brush
  • Sealer

Safety Information

In addition to the above materials, it is important you use proper safety procedures and equipment (safety goggles, gloves, covered footwear, overalls or other full-body covered clothing).  Click here to see first aid instructions.

Step 1

Lightly hose down areas in preparation for cleaning and sealing


Step 2

Apply with watering can a 20-1 mix (generally acid etch) to all areas to be cleaned and sealed


Step 3

Broom mix into all areas particularly to heavily and more stained areas


Step 4

High pressure clean down all areas. Repeat chemical mix and clean to affected areas that are still marked if needed. Make sure to clean off immediately.


Step 5

Allow “NO” traffic on cleaned areas prior to sealing.


Step 6

Blow areas down prior to commencement of sealing (to remove loose dust).

Before applying Sealer (solvent based) all areas cleaned must be completely “DRY”. (drying time could take up to a week and sometimes longer, depending on the product being sealed and moisture within the area. Ensure areas are dry).


Step 7

Stir tin thoroughly before use. Apply two (2) coats of Sealer by roller. Second coat to be applied as soon as first coat is dry. Depending on weather conditions, Sealer will dry underfoot within 1-3 hours. Heavy traffic areas (eg.Driveway/Carport) require up to three (3) days drying time.


Step 8

Clean rollers, brushes with Cleaner.

Note: Coverage rate of is approximately 5-8m² per litre.



Download Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS for solvent-based productsDIY Pavement Sealer

MSDS for water-based productspure coat | MSDS download - DIY Pavement Sealer

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